Utilizing The Internet For Learning: The Truth About Learning Online

With Internet rapidly growing and more people taking advantage of it, it seems like many educators have also considered using this as their medium for new learning. While parents have numerous attempts of prohibiting their children from using the internet for quite a while, it seems like nothing can stop these little ones – why not use technology to your advantage instead?

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Studies have shown that children learn faster with the help of technology, as compared to the conventional teaching style. This is probably one of the reasons why educators have started utilizing the internet for learning, and I don’t see any reasons why parents won’t be able to do the same.

The internet is an effective approach because most of these programs are interactive. Lessons are presented in a manner where children would be able to learn quickly, and at the same time, it could incorporate graphics, sounds and other visual aids making learning more simple and effective, yet fun.

While there are paid programs that educators and parents can download from the market, you’d also be lucky to find many others which are free for everyone to use and take advantage of. Not to mention that most learning videos are also free to use and watch from popular video hosting and sharing websites such as YouTube. Search engine marketing companies have done well to promote alternative mediums for learning. If you can find a SEO consultant in Toledo you will find they can help you promote your online education platform.

Many experts have also indicated that social media has made a tremendous impact towards children’s ability to learn. From here, they can read interesting and informative articles, which they can even share and spread the word to their classmates and friends. If you have been arguing with your child recently about the use of the internet, why not change your course and use this instead to make them learn more?

While there is no denying that the internet has changed the way learning goes, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop supervising them. Your guidance is still needed, and despite how helpful the internet can be, you have to be there with your child every step of the way.


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Welcome to the St. Clement Catholic School Web Page

Here at St. Clement we pride ourselves on being able to integrate classes to work on similar projects, provide peer tutors and helpers for those students that just need a little assistance and encouragement, and the fact that all of our teachers and older students know the names of, and look out for those that are younger. If you cannot picture seventh and eighth graders playing four-square and basketball and kick-ball at recess and taking the time to teach the younger ones the rules, stop by our playground any day between 12:25 and 12:50. We are one big family and the older students look upon the younger ones as little brothers and sisters.

Our testing scores are second to none. On the Youngstown Diocesan Report Card, St. Clement scored from fifteen to twenty nine points above the Diocesan Average in every grade, including kindergarten. Since then, we have added new Reading and Spelling for grades Kindergarten to Six, Phonics for grades Kindergarten to Two, and Writing and Grammar handbooks for grades Five to Eight.

One of the things we are very proud of is the fact that this year we have a second year of Spanish Instruction for every

class. We have also added Art, which is taught by a member of Canton Art Museum staff. Our students really look forward to those days. Computer instruction is given to every student in the school. We have third graders that have given power point presentations.

As is readily apparent, I am truly proud of St.Clement School, and if you wish to know more or are considering enrolling your child in a Catholic School, I would be very happy to talk to you any time. Please call me at 330-879- 2645 or e-mail me at jmazan@st-clement.org. I hope that you enjoy our site.